About Us

Our goal is to provide developers, engineers and researchers with an easy to use AI development and deployment platform. Our platform can be used in the cloud or on your infrastructure.  We strive to become the platform of choice for all developers and users of deep learning AI.

We will soon release an AI model marketplace on our platform for AI developers to sell or license their models to other users.


Deep Cognition created Deep Learning Studio, the first robust deep learning platform with a visual interface in production since January 2017. The platform provides a comprehensive solution to data ingestion, model development, training, deployment and management. Deep Learning Studio users have the ability to quickly develop and deploy deep learning solutions through robust integration with TensorFlow, MXNet and Keras.


Mandeep like to solve real world complex problems

Mandeep Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Rajendra is a technology geek and love to build real world technology solutions

Rajendra K. Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is a transformational business sales and operations executive with 20 years of experience leading organizations to significant growth and profitability.

Jeremy Antoniuk

Chief Operating Officer

Mahesh has started & grown successful technology startups. He has experience working with large organizations designing and delivering digital technology platforms.

Mahesh Kashyap

Chief Digital Officer

John is a corporate board member and advisor to digital and growth companies. John was previously President & Chief Operating Officer of Research Now Group, the global leader in digital data collection for market analytics.

John Rothwell

Executive Advisor